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Machining Centers
All capable of heavy duty; machine complete from forging and hog-out to close tolerance MBD and print dimensions

1ea 20’ KOMO VMC 240 3 Axis Spar and
   Stringer machine 240x24x22”
1 ea 12’ KOMO VMC 144 3 Axis Spar and
    Stringer machine 144x24x22”
1 ea Hyundai-Wia F960 Large 3 Axis 94x48x37”
    Hard/Soft metals
6 ea Hyundai-Wia F500 Vertical 3 Axis Machining
    Centers Hard/Soft metals 29x27x25”
4 ea Hyundai-Wia F500 Vertical 5 Axis Machining
    Centers Hard/Soft metals 24” square
1ea Hyundai-Wia F650+ Vertical 5 Axis Machining
    Center Hard/Soft metal 40x20x20”
2 ea Hurco VMX42SR 5 Axis Machining
    Centers Hard/Soft metals 21” square
1 ea Hyundai-Kia HX630 Twin Pallet 4 Axis Machining
    Center Hard/Soft metals 41x34’x34”
1 ea Hyundai-Kia KH50G Twin Pallet 4 Axis Machining
    Center Hard/Soft metals 47x20x25”
1ea Haas HS1 Twin Pallet 4 Axis Machining
    Center Hard/Soft metals 24x24x24”
2 ea Haas VF-E 3 Axis Vertical Machining
    Centers Hard/Soft metals 20x16x20”
2 ea Fadal Vertical 5 Axis Machines
    Hard/Soft metal 14” square
1 ea Leadwell V80i Vertical 3 Axis machine
    Hard/Soft metals 80�x40�x28�”
2 ea Fadal 60/30 Vertical Machine Centers
    3 Axis Hard/Soft metals 60x30x30”
1 ea Fadal 50/20 Vertical Machine Center
    3 Axis Hard/Soft metals 50x30x30”
1 ea Fadal 40/20 Vertical Machine Center
    3 Axis Hard/Soft metals 40x20x20”
2 ea Hyundai-Wia KF5600 Vertical Machining Centers
    3 Axis Hard metals 43x22x20”
1 ea Daewoo DMV40/20 Vertical Machining Center
    3 Axis Hard/Soft metals 40x20x

Program and machine angles, contours, radii, threading

1 ea Daewoo Turning Center Puma 300c
1 ea Daewoo- Puma 12L-B CNC
2 ea Hwacheon ECO 45, 30 x 80, CNC
1 ea Hwacheon ECO 35L, 24 x 60, CNC
1 ea 18" Monarch, 48 C.C. (tooling)
1 ea Daewoo-Lynx Hi-Speed w/bar feed
1 ea Daewoo-Lynx 220A Hi-Speed w/bar feed

1 ea Integrated Turning Cell SKT2500MT/S 5 Axis
   Multi Tasking Machine with Y axis + C axis + ATC
1 ea Hyundai-Kia SKT200TTSY Multi-Tasking
   Twin Spindle Turning Center

2 ea CV616 Power Stroke vertical hone
2 ea MBB1650 Power Stroke horizontal hones
2 ea MBB 1600 Manual hones

1 ea Cosen AH-320H Horizontal Programmable NC Saw
   With Hydraulic Shuttle Feed & 5 HP motor
   Maximum; 12.6” Dia bar or 12.6” x 15” plate
2 ea Startrite vertical band saw with power feed table
1 ea Marvel vertical band saw with power feed

1 ea Miller Syncro-Wave 250 amp TIG Welder

Computer Systems & Electronic Commerce
CATIA V5-6R2016
Catia C-hook translator V4,V5 Master Cam
Camax Camand V 14.0.2 5-Axis Software & SGI Indigo
Bar Coding
Totally Integrated MRP System

Quality Control
1 ea Zeiss Contura G2 CMM 39X 62Y x 22Z
Calypso V6.2.1
1 ea Roamer Absolute 75200SI with probe and scan
1 ea Videojet Excel 2000 Inkjet Part Marking Machine
Full line of digital and conventional inspection

Sheet Metal Equipment
1 ea Hydro-Mech press brake, 65 ton x 8 ft
1 ea Amada S-2532, 8 ft 10 gauge shear, 24" slip roll

Conventional Mills
2 ea Bridgeport Vertical digital readout

Support Equipment
1 ea Handy Andy Dot-Peen Part Mark Machine
1 ea No. 2 Lapointe Pull Broach
1 ea Lake Erie 80 Ton Press, 18.0" Y, 108" X, 24" Z,
   Dig. Read out, Full Cage enclose
1 ea CONRAC 2CP Tube Flaring Machine
1 ea Imperial Eastman Tube Bender
4 ea Drill presses
1 ea Cincinnati Monisette grinder
3 ea Deburr Air Benches

Assembly Equipment
1 ea 80-Ton hydraulic press
1 ea 20-Ton hydraulic press
   Miscellaneous arbor presses
   Portable rivet squeeze, air drills
1 ea Floor C squeeze