eck and eck

Case #3
An aircraft manufacturer wrote a dual-source contract with Eck & Eck and with another supplier for an axle assembly. The other shop’s parts were plagued by misalignments -- bolt-holes way off, keys 180° out of phase -- and missed deadlines. Meanwhile, with parts made by Eck & Eck also feeding the line, the buyer on this contract received a call from the manufacturing floor, a call demanding to know “Where’d you get these parts?” “Why?” asked the buyer. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing’s wrong,” came the reply. “The entire assembly just slips together. We’re not having to use hammers and rotary files to make everything fit.”

Still the other shop retained its contract, continuing to fall behind on deliveries, even of poorly made parts, until at last the manufacturer took the whole contract in house, Eck’s half as well . Three months later, the manufacturer called Eck & Eck again, admitting that the assembly was still badly behind schedule, asking that a sufficient number of parts be produced in 180 days to bring the line up to speed.

We worked around the clock.
And delivered the necessary parts back in 60 days.