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All of us at Eck & Eck invite you to learn at first-hand the less statistical rewards of doing business with people who keep their promises, three generations of craftspeople with many more stories to tell. Stories that sound exactly like expertise, teamwork, integrity, and accountability.

Case #1
Recently, a customer asked Eck & Eck to bid on a troublesome part. It seems the part, an assembly welded from aluminum tubing, was leading to scrap-material rates in excess of 85%. Because of the necessary repetition of heat-treating after welding, tolerances were erratic as well. We reported to the customer that we could indeed make the part with significantly less scrap if the part were redesigned to be made from a hog out. With the new design in hand, we made a prototype for customer approval. Our results: the parts delivered back to the customer, on a tight deadline, exactly on spec, with scrap rates less than 1%.